The Competitive Edge in Lending

CollateralEdge™ is an innovative FinTech collateral coverage solution that enables community and regional banks to structure more competitive commercial loans and win more deals without compromising credit quality.

CollateralEdge Offers Community Banks a Creative Solution to Structure More Competitive Loans

Have an active loan deal with a potential “Air Ball”?

CollateralEdge helps banks execute asset-light commercial loans.
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CollateralEdge helps banks compete & win

A flexible, on-demand collateral coverage solution that bankers can use to proactively address common credit issues on middle
market commercial loan opportunities.

Increase your C&I loan book

Improve yield by converting on potentially lost deals and enhancing approved deals.

Compete on structure, not price

Differentiate from the competition and solve a problem for the borrower.

Provide solutions that win

Overcome common and consistent underwriting challenges that are difficult to quantify.

Secure long-term fee revenue

Sticky C&I customers may benefit from additional bank products and services.

We make the banker the hero of the story

Our platform reduces internal friction and bureaucracy within the bank by addressing the needs of all key stakeholders.

Collateral Edge


Grow revenue, loan volume & market share without hiring bankers or opening new markets. Differentiate your offering and compete in the market.

Collateral Edge

Credit & Risk Officers

Maintaining prudent underwriting standards is a must. Say “yes” more often while maintaining safe & sound lending practices.

Collateral Edge

Relationship Managers

Convert on time-consuming deal sourcing efforts and delight the customer. Enhance lending opportunities with good customers.

Superior transaction for the borrower

One of the greatest challenges for any entrepreneur is gaining efficient access to low-cost debt. We are committed to reducing the cost and barriers for small and mid-sized businesses to access bank financing – turbocharging the future growth of the US economy. 

Collateral Edge
Reduced cost
Less friction
Likelier to close

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Middle market bank deals are hard to close

Significant structural inefficiency creates pain points for all stakeholders. These challenges result in lost lending opportunities, unnecessary friction and reduced margins for the bank.


Sourcing suitable middle market deals is hard work


Competition is fierce and includes bank and non-bank lenders


Every middle market deal has potential repayment concerns

Internal Tension

Constant internal tension between credit and lending

Wasted Resources

Wasted resources on extended diligence and closing process

We make pricing coverage frictionless and easy

We can deliver a term sheet on your deal in minutes

  • Access our cloud-based, proprietary Pricing Portal
  • Enter and submit deal data – takes less than 5
  • Instant pricing provided via term sheet – less than 3



Structure Enhancement

As a banker, we need to be providing the right structure for the client and the on-going relationship rather than trying to put them in a credit box of the bank’s making. CollateralEdge’s product can be a ‘structure enhancement’ for the bank to provide the solution.

— Jeff Wilkinson, Chairman & CEO, Keystone Bank

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