Manufacturing business seeking to refinance their owner-occupied real estate

The financial sponsor has found a well-established manufacturing business that fits nicely within its investment criteria.

The situation

This is an
established manufacturing business and existing customer to the bank. The relationship manager does not want the customer to pursue other bank offers.

The problem

The building is in an office/warehouse mixed – use facility. The bank is comfortable at 70% LTV and the borrower wants 75% LTV.

The CollateralEdge solution

The bank uses 5% of CollateralEdge support to meet the customer’s demands without any additional principal risk.

Bank wins

The bank meets the borrower’s request without any additional principal risk. The bank retains an attractive, long-term customer.


The results were outstanding.

“CollateralEdge is solving a massive problem for community banks that will positively impact thousands of hard – working entrepreneurs.”

— Kneeland Youngblood, Founding Partner, Chairman & CEO, Pharos Capital

Borrower wins

The borrower realizes its desired leverage profile without a painful back and forth negotiation process with its bank partner.